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Leadership, team coaching and team building

“Thank you for a constructive program, managed well”

[Team Leader]

“I feel positive about the future”

[Team Leader]

“Excellent facilitation – thank you!”

[Team Leader]

Executive and Career Coaching

Having James provide executive coaching to me this year has been a lifeline to me. James has given me step by step guidance on job selection, interview techniques, career advancement strategies and professional networking. James has an exceptional ability to connect with individuals, act empathetically while remaining friendly, responsive and always professional. James is also an outstanding lawyer & his communication and problem solving skills are apparent to all. I recommend James unequivocally & would hire him anytime in a heartbeat.

[Team Leader]

If you are at a cross-roads or looking to take your career to the next level, I strongly recommend James’ services.  He is insightful and asks the right questions.  In my sessions he provided me with the tools to help clarify and develop my goals and equipped me with the strategies I needed to take things to the next level. Importantly, he helped give me the confidence to take a leap of faith.  Today I am accepting an exciting job offer that involves leaving the APS and moving to a new city. James has been instrumental to getting me to this point. 

[Public Sector Legal Executive]

I engaged James as an executive coach with the hope of gaining a promotion, I got all that and more!
 James not only provided me with constructive feedback on my selection criteria and tips on preparing for an interview, but he helped guide me towards a deeper understanding of what drives me, my strengths, identifying my career mission and planning to reach my goals. Most importantly, he gave me the boost of confidence I needed to grab the opportunity and shine.

James clearly has a passion and talent for helping people reach their fullest potential and has a strong belief in his clients, which is infectious. He has an intimate and first-hand knowledge of the public service, complemented by an extensive understanding of management practices, which puts him a cut above the rest. James is very warm and friendly, which creates a safe space to share and grow, and he always went above and beyond to help me in my pursuit for promotion. I would highly recommend James as an executive coach.

[EL2, Commonwealth Public Service]

I’d just like to whole-heartedly thank you for the opportunity to chat frankly and have an impartial sounding board to help me move on (and up – it being a promotion) through a difficult period, and now I’m very excited to have a new opportunity to take on, and (hopefully) get to do a lot more of where my passion takes me… thank you so much for your support, it’s been a key enabler for me to have this success.

[EL2, Commonwealth Public Service]


Excellent presenter” x 3!

[From a Partner of a Law Firm who travelled all the way from New Zealand to hear James speak on Legal Leadership]

“Really engaging. Excellent presenter. Great use of different presentation resources!”

[Public Sector professional]

I appreciate how comfortable James made us feel as a group.

[Professional following a workshop on Best Practice Interviews and Networking Skills]

Keynote presentations

My son said you were definitely the best guest speaker since being at the College, his friends felt the same. He said it was great how you made everything you were addressing relate to them and it felt relevant. Also in true year 11 boy vocabulary “You were not boring!”.

[Feedback following a keynote presentation to 100 plus 16 year old boys on planning for their future]

“Loved it!”

[Public sector professional]

Training and Workshops

Alta Pete, James and his team are a pleasure to work with to design and present an extensive Graduate Training Program.  James brings enthusiasm and a willingness to work with his clients to achieve the best possible outcomes …

[ACT Government Manager]

James delivered customised professional development for staff members engaged in a mentor program. The resources he developed supported effective learning and goal achievement, and his workshop delivery style and communication skills were exceptional. James’ rich experience in coaching and mentoring added significant value to the success of the mentor program. I highly recommend James’ training and facilitations services.

[Client Contract Manager for a Mentoring Program Alta Pete ran for a major Educational Institution]

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