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Note: all workshops are offered as half-day or full-day and are able to be expertly contextualised for your organisation.

Communication and Engagement

  • Communicating with influence in the workplace
  • Best Practice Workplace Relationships
  • Conflict resolution
  • Workplace mediation
  • Negotiation and influencing skills
  • Making the most of Workplace Diversity
  • Professional presentations with maximum impact
  • Writing for Government (introductory) 
  • Writing for Government (advanced) 
  • Working effectively with Ministers and senior
    decision makers

Executive Leadership and Development

  • Building collaborative leadership
  • Leading transformational change in organisations
  • Effectively engaging with risk in organisations
  • Leading innovation in organisations
  • Political nous in organisations
  • Effective high-level stakeholder relationships
  • Being a successful leader in the modern workforce
  • Creating a high-performance workplace culture
  • Taking a coaching approach to leadership
  • Leading with Emotional Intelligence

Management and Leadership

  • Building collaborative leadership
  • Leading and managing teams in organisations (Senior Officers)
  • Leading and managing teams in organisations (New Managers)
  • Best practice recruitment and selecting the right staff
  • Effective performance management
  • Giving and receiving feedback 
  • Developing innovation capability in organisations
  • Effectively managing change in organisations
  • Skills for New Supervisors in organisations
  • Effective team-building skills and techniques


  • Best practice interviews, job applications and networking
  • Modern career development techniques
  • Best practice time management, planning and organisational skills
  • Best practice techniques for peak performance:managing stress, building resilience and maintaining wellbeing.

Working in Government

  • Compliance training for authorised officers in the public sector
  • Project management in the public sector (introductory)
  • Project management in the public sector (advanced)
  • Risk Management
  • Developing a business case in the public sector
  • Best practice decision-making under legislation
  • Procedural fairness, natural justice and other principles of good decision-making
  • Introduction to the Privacy Act 1988 (Commonwealth) and the privacy principles in practice
  • Upholding, supporting and promoting the values and principles of ethical public service
  • Conducting an effective workplace investigation
  • Best practice policy skills for the public sector
  • Freedom of Information (Introductory)
  • Freedom of Information (for Decision Makers).

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