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Canberra Business Chamber

L3, 243 Northbourne Ave Lyneham, Canberra, ACT 2612

Canberra, ACT, AU, 2612

This highly engaging and interactive workshop will cover:

  • key concepts relating to effective working relationships and conflict resolution

  • how to use emotional intelligence and constructive dialogue to build and maintain effective working relationships in a diverse workforce;

  • techniques for dealing with complex situations and difficult personality types and aligning work with organisational goals;

  • teamworking frameworks and building a genuine high performance team

  • how to prevent conflict from arising and skills for resolving conflict where it does arise;

  • frameworks for understanding and managing individual stressors and trigger points

  • conflict resolution techniques for self and team and knowing when to refer to mediation or other resolution processes;

  • techniques for self-management and maintaining well-being in difficult or stressful situations.

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